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San Miguel de Abona

Public water supply service.



  • Professionalism in the execution, operation and maintenance of hydraulic infrastructure, as well as human resources and technical capacity to undertake civil engineering works. We have extensive experience and specialization in the hydraulic infrastructure related to the integral water cycle.
  • Give our clients and society our ability to provide comprehensive, customized solutions.
  • Be a technology partner for our collaborative companies.


  • Reliability solutions.
  • A human team characterized by professionalism, knowledge and ability to perform specialized work and provide on-demand services.
  • Knowledge management shared and backed by extensive experience.
  • Customer-focused service.
  • Loyalty and customer portfolio.
  • Vocation to service, continuous improvement and involvement with the efficient water use, environmental protection and occupational safety.



We ensure professional development opportunities based on merit. We create a space for human values through respect people, their ideas and opinions, favoring collaborative labor relations.


We encourage the participation to achieving a common goal, sharing information, knowledge, honesty, responsibility and satisfaction for a job well done.

Security and health

Our commitment to health and safety is resolute by promoting a preventive culture.

Community and Environment

Social responsibility environmental preservation through efficient service delivery and product life cycle analysis, promoting sustainable development, responsible water use and human environment interaction.

Ethical Conduct

We act with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect.

Customer orientation

We focus our efforts on customer satisfaction by providing competitive and quality solutions. Service spirit and friendly, polite treatment.


Continuous service improvement to increase infrastructure efficiency. Innovation to improve water management. Improve and control a quality management system that take care of our environment and a scarce and precious natural resource. Increase our customers' level of productivity.  Promoting R&D&I to meet market needs.


More than 30 years of customer service experience. The benefits of knowledge management. An experience that allows us to offer reliable and proven solutions, resulting in technical and economic efficiency and environmental preservation. An experience filled with unique situations and challenges regarding the integral water cycle.

We know what to do, but we also know how.


Implementing new technology optimizes the hydraulic infrastructure, increase its productivity, reduce risks and increase economic efficiency. Recent developments at the service for greater efficiency. Being first and owning the latest technology. Using expert knowledge in order to satisfy needs.


The advantages of having a professional staff, with knowledge and experience in each phase of the integral water cycle. Ability to execute custom works. A human team equipped with the most avant-garde means provides services that apply uniform high-quality operation and maintenance procedures to ensure reliability. Water works and services. Specialized expertise in infrastructure construction and its subsequent operation and maintenance.


If you are interested in joining our dynamic and highly professional team, please fill out the following form and we will include you into the selection process better suited to your profile.