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San Miguel de Abona

Public water supply service.



Network management

Proper management of water networks allows reaching high technical performance regarding the supply systems.

An effective management of these networks requires the support of our technology in order to achieve this goal.

Search for networks, leaks and illegal connections

We use state-of-the-art equipment to locate underground conduits if information is lacking.

We also apply new technology in order to detect leaks and illegal connections, minimizing network losses.

Network Inspection

Periodic inspection of the water distribution system helps identify bottlenecks. This is perceived by users due to insufficient supply or low pressure, causing additional economic losses.

Our periodic inspections contribute significantly to good maintenance and acting on bottlenecks.

Tele management and remote control management

Our experience also extends to implementing, managing and maintaining tele management and remote control systems.

It improves the management through facility monitoring system and reducing the number and severity of incidents.

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