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San Miguel de Abona

Public water supply service.



Tourist sector involves the consumption of large amounts of water.

It is used in rooms, laundry services, kitchen, swimming pools, gardens, common areas cleaning and others. It is therefore an essential resource for its daily activities and implies high costs if water consumption is not optimized.

Several tourist areas have seawater desalination plants to cover all their demand. In many cases they also have a sewage treatment plant which reduces environmental impact and makes possible water reuse for garden and green areas irrigation.

  • Technical management of water supply wells
  • Warehouse maintenance
  • Legionella monitoring
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of filtration systems
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of desalination plants
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of treatment plants
  • Search for leaks
  • Underground conduits location
  • Farm audits
  • Management and documentation according to R.D. 140/2003
  • Energy audits


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