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San Miguel de Abona

Public water supply service.


Water supply and sanitation

Water supply and sanitation systems require permanent infrastructure monitoring in order to ensure a qualified service provision without interruptions and achieve a high level of excellence.

Hydraulic infrastructure management requires human and technical skills and tools for its most complex maintenance operations.

It includes water distribution networks, sanitation networks and rainwater harvesting, as well as complementary infrastructure such as pumping stations, water treatment systems and storage tanks.

  • Technical management of water supply wells
  • Warehouse maintenance
  • Legionella monitoring
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of filtration systems
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of desalination plants
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of treatment plants
  • Installation, operation, maintenance and technical inspection of water distribution networks, sanitation and rainwater harvesting
  • Rush maintenance
  • Underground conduits location
  • Search for leaks and illegal connections
  • Farm audits
  • Management and documentation, according to R.D. 140/2003
  • Energy audits
  • TAGS


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